Vidhya Niketan School
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Parental Vision


My view about VidhyaNiketan Public School,
At the outset M/S. VidhyaNiketan Public School is one among the top rated CBSE schools in Coimbatore District. The Principal, teachers and the faculties are talented and friendly to the children. The school has a hygiene and clean environment. The teachers train the children in such a way that the parents need not pressure them at home. They guide the students in a right path. Not only in academics, the school makes the children succeed in other extra-curricular activities. The allotment of a day in a week for these extra-curricular activities helps the children to be active and feel stress free. The school also conducts quiz which helps the children to improve their knowledge. It also guides the children in participating in Olympiads and other competitions viz., drawing, recitation etc. The timings of the school is also convenient. The school provides convenient bus facility too. It also provides a library for children which helps them improve their knowledge and reading ability. In a nutshell, VidhyaNiketan Public school provides opportunities to the children to excel in the fields of their choice.

- V.Ganesh
(Father of G.Saideepika)

Mrs.P.Usha Rani

We are very happy and satisfied parents of Sanjana.P because she is studying in one of the best schools in Coimbatore. School teaches them and brings them as disciplined students.

The way of teaching is very good, they follow concept teaching, make the child to understand and study. Teachers take individual care of every child. Extra-curricular like dance, music and craft works are taught to children effectively.

They also guide parents to handle children at home. School takes more care on mode of transport of children. If they use private vehicles, school gets all details about the driver. I conclude by saying that the school fulfils the expectation of every parent.

- P.Usha Rani
M/O P.Sanjana (III B)

Mr.C.Vijayakumar & Mrs.V.Lakshmi

Respected Madam,
We are one of the luckiest parents in Coimbatore because we admitted both our kids (Iniyan.V C of VII C & Nivedhan V C of III B) in VidhyaNiketan Public School, Coimbatore.

Apart from Academics, we noticed that our kids involve in all other extra activities like sports club, SUPW club, Quiz club, Olympiad exams etc.,

We proudly say that we both have grown along with our kids because of the school.

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity given to us.

- Yours faithfully,
C.Vijayakumar & V.Lakshmi

Mr.Sriram.V & Mrs.Sivaranjani Sriram

Our daughter SAATHVIKA SRIRAM is studying from LKG in VidhyaNiketan and presently she is in IV Std C sec.

We are proud and happy that our daughter is studying in a good environment. The teaching methodology is very effective and it helps us to teach the kids at home easily. Also the observation skills improve because of the teaching methodology. This in turn encourages and inspires the students.

As a parent, we are fortunate that our daughter is studying in an environment where there are well experienced, friendly and dedicated teachers to fulfil the present requirement in the modern education system. The school is concentrating not only in academics but also in extra- curricular activities and they give special attention to sports as well.

We thank all the faculties and management for all the good work and effort they are taking to build our future leaders.

We wish and pray the Divine for all the future endeavour of the school.

- Sriram.V & Sivaranjani Sriram


The school is well known for its discipline. It has a very good infrastructure with excellent teaching faculties. It does well both in academics and sports.

The Correspondent mam is known for her dedication and hard work that she puts in to improve the school. The teachers are well versed in the subjects handled by them.

Canteen food is good and hygienic. Transport facilities for the students are also good.

- Selvi.R
M/O V.Sanjay Kumar (X-B)


My child has been guided by the teachers and the school from LKG. The school is a great centre for the enrichment of a child. It is a source for exposing the child to a vast expanse of experience in various fields. It combines both academics and moral values of life. It also includes sports and other physical activities. Teachers guide and nurture the children with love and care. The supporting staffs also play an important role in it. The school has proven to be an ideal place for a child to learn, grow and excel.

- R.Uma
M/O S.R.Sneha (X-B)


The best thing about the school is that it has a proper balance of academics, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. In today’s changing world and society, it is extremely crucial for the children to grow up as balanced and down to earth people for which all the values are being inculcated in the school.

More over my child is increasingly aware of the rich heritage and culture. The value system more than just the historical facts for which the credit goes to the school! Creating awareness of abuse and other important issues is aplus point.

- A.Patnaik

Parent of Harthna Jai Laksa.G.K (V-A)

My daughter is studying in this school for the past 3 years.

I admire the following in the school.

  • Timings: (7.45 to 2.00pm) It is the time a child is active and eager to learn. It also provides ample time for play and learning at home.
  • Curriculum demands child’s self study. She studies and fights to get good grades.
  • Clubs,competitions and especially art exhibitions add feather to the cap. Art exhibitions amuse parents as well. Recitation competitions make her fiercely practice and participate with full enthusiasm.
  • Further, school diary shows that activities in school are well planned with year schedules, assessment dates, competitions, annual day days make the parents and kid proactively engage in school activities.
  • Visual aids, News reading in assembly, library all enhance the child’s learning as a fun job.

- Parent of Harthna Jai Laksa.G.K (V-A)

Mrs. R.Dhanalakshmi

Vidhya Niketan Public School is one of the top most and best schools in Coimbatore. There is a good strength of students and the teachers are taking lot of care to teach the children and now recently they have constructed new building for further welfare of students. Transport facilities are also good. The annual day celebrations are conducted in a very grand manner. Sports day is another spectacular event. The school library encourages the student to read and is very useful to them. The school gives hundred percent results. Rather than only in the side of education, students also excel very well in the field of sports.

There is a lot of freedom and space for the students to experiment and establish their skills and talent. All the credit goes to the Correspondent Mrs.Rajini Krishnamurthy for running the Institution with the help of the Principal very successfully since many years. It is of great privilege for our children to study in this school.

- R.Dhanalakshmi
M/O Sri Prashidi.D.R (IX-B)

Mr. R.Parthasarathi

We are Dr.R.Parthasarathi & Mrs.Bhuvaneshwari, parents of Selvi P.Harini IX B, VidhyaNiketan Public School Coimbatore. We want to share our thoughts about the school. First thing is the location of the school, within the city. Transportation is easy. My daughter is studying from LKG in this school. From those days we have observed the teachers, their way of approach to the students. Students and teachers relationship is very nice. All the faculties are easily approachable. Also we are happy about the extra- curricular activities about the school like “Paatshala”.

- R.Parthasarathi
F/O P.Harini (IX-B)

Mrs.Rajini Surendharan

VidhyaNiketan Public school was started only a few years back but it has excelled in all areas today. The children are given a good exposure in academics and sports. Apart from academics they participate in all extra- curricular activities. The annual cultural program “Paatshala” conducted by the children teaches them leadership and responsibility.

The faculty is helpful and friendly to the children and nurture them to be better citizens. A school which has all round activities for the children, helping them to aspire and achieve their goals.

- Rajini Surendharan
M/O S.Sadhvi (IX-B)


The following are the points that I would like to share with you:

  • Teachers and students are very well adapted to the CCE pattern of evaluation.
  • Am amazed to see positive changes in the children of VNPS academically and socially.
  • VNPS enforces discipline and good behaviour and provides all support to the children to enable them to excel in academics.
  • They have also inculcated Sportsmanship and other co-curricular activities.
  • School’s motto “LEARN GROW EXCEL” is perfectly super imposing with the activities of the school.
  • VNPS encourages children to be creative, Innovative and socially responsible.

In epilogue, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction and happiness to be a part of VNPS in some way.

- C.Arun
F/O A.Thaanya (IX-A)


My daughter joined VidhyaNiketan Public School in the academic year 2015-16 and as apparent I am greatly satisfied with the student- friendly atmosphere of the school. Teachers are friendly and easily approachable. School timings are convenient that gives my child enough time. Allowing students to take responsibility in organising school events is very much appreciable. Academic training is excellent. Students are trained in such a way that they experience an all round development. Extra- curricular activities are given equal importance as the academics are. Tests are frequently conducted which makes the students revise their concepts regularly. After every test, the teacher clearly explains the student’s mistakes in a friendly manner which enable them to correct it next time. Food provided in the canteen is tasty and healthy. When my daughter joined the school she could easily adapt herself to the new environment.

I sincerely hope the school continues moulding the future generation.

- V.M.Theeba
M/O Sowmyaa.C (IX-A)

Mr.K.Nithy Anandan

Respected madam,

I would like to thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my views about your esteemed institution. My daughter K.N.Shruthi has been studying in this school from her kindergarten days. I would like to express our deep gratitude for inculcating a holistic development in her over the period of these 12 years. I feel she has gradually improved in her academics and has attained an appreciable level by the able guidance of all the faculty members. Her confidence level has grown very well and the credit goes to your efforts taken towards each individual pupil. I would also like to put on record about the special efforts taken by the school in bringing out the talents in each student which was not known even to the parents of the child. The caring attitude of the Correspondent madam was evident when she herself accompanied and took care of the students who participated in the state levelDebate competition.I would like to point out the emphasis shown by the faculty members regarding the discipline and character development of each individual student.

Wishing your esteemed institution for all the laurels achieved and for the greater achievements which are to come.

- K.Nithy Anandan
F/O K.N.Shruthi (X-A)

Mrs.Papitha Guruswamy

VidhyaNiketan has an excellent faculty who constantly motivate their students to aim higher. The tests and quizzes which are conducted on a regular basis keeps the students on track with their studies encouraging extra-curricular activities, including sports has helped students explore into new fields and hobbies.

The digital form of teaching through smart boards has helped students to understand the concept better.

Other facilities like canteen and bus facility are also very satisfactory.

- Papitha Guruswamy
M/O Varshini Guruswamy (X-A)

Mrs.Sudha Duraisamy

As every parent wants to give best education to their children, we selected VidhyaNiketan considering the Quality of Education, convenient school timing, reasonable school fees, easy reach etc.,

Following are my views as a parent and also as understood from my child.

  • It is appreciable that the students are encouraged to participate and bring out their talents through various competitions such as Budding Artist, Young Author, Young Poet, Paatshala etc.,
  • Practical and experimental learning through different projects by providing appropriate science kit is very interesting.
  • Art & Craft brings out the creativity of children.
  • Each student is given a chance to speak in the school assembly.

Voice message system- followed for a short while was very informative, which kept the parents informed and updated.

Parents meeting - Only the parents representatives are attending. It will be useful if at least one meeting is organised for each term for the parents to be well aware of the happenings.

- Sudha Duraisamy
M/O Smriti. D (VIII-B)